Missouri House condemns attack on Ukraine in unanimous vote

      The Missouri House voted unanimously today to condemn the Russian attack on Ukraine and to urge the federal government to respond prudently. 

Representative Mike Haffner (Photo: Tim Bommel, Missouri House Communications)

      It approved House Resolution 3658 which says the members of the House, “Stand alongside Ukraine, its people, and its leaders during this horrific and unnecessary war and vow to support Ukraine and hold Russia fully accountable for its catastrophic decision to invade.”

      It was carried by Representative Mike Haffner (R-Pleasant Hill), a decorated combat veteran who retired from the U.S. Navy as a Commander. 

This invasion is not about land.  It’s not about oil.  It’s not about natural resources.  It’s about freedom.  Ukraine has embraced the definition of American freedom as it is defined very clearly in the Declaration of Independence because that freedom results in unprecedented opportunity for all people,” Haffner said.

      Representative Michael O’Donnell (R-St. Louis) is a Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve.  He said he’s been watching the coverage of Russian forces entering Ukraine equipped not to destroy military targets or equipment, but to kill people.  He’s marveled at the response of the Ukrainian people.

      “We have to look at the bravery of these people.  Would we have behaved any differently?  Would any of us have acted any differently?  Most of us aren’t capable of serving in the military anymore but we would’ve done something.  We would’ve done anything to protect our friends and our families,” said O’Donnell.

      Lee’s Summit representative Keri Ingle (D) said the people of Ukraine are much like the people of Missouri in what they want for themselves and their loved ones.

      “We must support democracy across the world or it will be lost here as well,” said Ingle.

(Photo: Tim Bommel, Missouri House Communications)

      Some representatives said the House’s action today isn’t just about what’s happened in the last week, but what will come if Russia doesn’t stop or isn’t stopped.  Representative David Tyson Smith (D-Columbia) said, “We need to take a stand against oppression and tyranny and we all know that if Russia takes Ukraine it’s not going to stop with Ukraine.” 

      St. Charles Republican and member of the National Guard Adam Schnelting added, “It’s very important that we stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine not just for Ukraine but also so that Europe does not digress into centuries of darkness.”

      The House voted 143-0 to support the resolution which states, as Rep. Haffner read, “we proudly stand alongside Ukraine, its people, and its leaders during this horrific and unnecessary war and vow to support Ukraine and hold Russia fully accountable for its catastrophic decision to invade this sovereign nation.

      “We condemn Vladimir Putin’s violent attack on the people of Ukraine and we have introduced this legislation to implore the President of the United States and the United States Congress to reaffirm our country’s unwavering support for Ukraine’s freedom and sovereignty.” 

VIDEO: House members urge Missouri response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine

      Missouri House members want to respond to Russia’s Attack on the Ukraine. 

      On Tuesday House Majority Floor Leader Dean Plocher (R-St. Louis) filed House Bill 2913 which would bar all public entities or private entities which receive public funds from contracting with Russia.  The prohibition would extend to any country which occupies or attacks Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Georgia, or a North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) member.

      Tuesday night a House committee advanced House Concurrent Resolution 75 filed by Representative Mike Haffner (R-Pleasant Hill). It would urge President Joe Biden (D) to take certain actions in response to the Russian invasion. This resolution could soon be debated by the full House.

      On Wednesday Representatives Plocher and Haffner participated in a media conference with Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe (R) and legislative assistant Igor Shalai, a native of Ukraine, who spoke about what his family is experiencing.