Rep. Fitzwater bids the House ‘farewell’

Representative Travis Fitzwater (R-Holts Summit) is leaving the Missouri House due to term limits. Before the close of his final regular session he thanked his family and colleagues.

“Our shared humanity should transcend politics.  We should be human to each other even though we disagree.”

“We are but a mist, and I think it’s helpful for us to have humility as a result of knowing that we are such a small thing in the grand scheme of things.”

Rep. Jason Chipman’s farewell to the House

Representative Jason Chipman (R-Steelville) is leaving the Missouri House due to term limits. Before the close of the final session of his time in the chamber he bid farewell and reflected on his time.

“There are some of these colleagues that I will never see again after I’m done here but I know that at a moment’s notice they would drop what they had going to come and help me if I needed it.”

Rep. Bill Kidd farewell

The legislative term of Representative Bill Kidd (R-Buckner) is coming to a close. As his final session as a member of the House wound down, Kidd bid his colleagues farewell.

“You will be a picture on the wall, the desk will be given back to someone else, it will be time for you to give it all back.  My time has arrived and now it’s time to give it back and go home … it’s been an honor.”

Rep. Allen Andrews’ farewell to the House

May 13 was the last day of the last regular session as a member of the House for Representative Allen Andrews (R-Grant City). He offered this farewell before the final gavel.

“We are given temporary platforms of influence … while on this platform, while eyes are watching your every move and ears are listening to your every word, I encourage you, I beg of you to examine your ways and look hard at your example.”