House Democrats’ leader gives send-off to Rep. Martha Stevens

Representative Martha Stevens (D-Columbia) is leaving the House after three terms. She spoke briefly to thank her husband, family, and colleagues, and was given this sendoff by Minority Floor Leader Crystal Quade (D-Springfield).

“[The] Representative from Boone is somebody who gets so much done but does it so quietly.  I think you guys would be amazed to know the amount of legislation this woman has had her hands on.”

Rep. Trish Gunby farewell address

Representative Trish Gunby spoke to her colleagues in the House last week as her term draws to a close.

“Every time I drive across that bridge and I look at the Capitol building I get goosebumps. I am so proud to serve with those of you in this body. This is a special place and I thank you so much for the opportunity.”

Rep. Randy Pietzman farewell speech

Representative Randy Pietzman (R-Troy) bid farewell to the Missouri House and his colleagues on Thursday, as his time in the chamber ends due to term limits. He thanked many current and former members and his legislative assistant, and threw in a special recognition for a longtime and beloved House Chamber doorman, Charlie Hildebrand.

“I wish as a state we could get an agency put together that cares as much about children and the sex crimes against children as Missouri Conservation cares about feral hogs.”

Rep. Wes Rogers’ farewell address to the House

Representative Wes Rogers (D-Kansas City) spoke to his colleagues on Friday as he prepares to leave the House after serving two sessions.

“The amount of respect I have for so many people in this body, how much I truly just enjoy your friendship and your kindness and your perspective, even when it’s a different perspective than mine, I’m really going to miss that.”

House Speaker Rob Vescovo says farewell to the House

House Speaker Rob Vescovo (R-Arnold) bid farewell to the House and his colleagues on Friday. Vescovo is leaving the chamber after 8 years due to term limits. He talked about his time and accomplishments in the chamber.

Vescovo, who went from dropping out of high school to “giving the last speech of the day” on the final day of the session, said he has lived the American dream and that for him, that dream has been about second chances.

“If we got one kid out of foster care and got them into a loving home it was worth it.  If we got one kid adopted it was worth it.  If we got one kid away from being abused and a terrible setting it was worth it.  It was worth it without a doubt.”